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Alimentary Health is now part of PrecisionBiotics Group

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Microbiome Strains Designed by Nature, Proven by Science

The PrecisionBiotics Group is a world leader in harnessing the power of the microbiome, discovering and developing probiotics that are recognized as best in class. We have an unparalleled portfolio of strains and we partner with leading experts in the microbiome and scientific fields.

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A Unique Portfolio of Strains

PrecisionBiotics possesses a unique and extensive portfolio of human origin probiotic strains.
The activity of our strains is being studied in some of the most exciting areas of microbiome research, including the use of bacteria and their components in key areas such as inflammation, infection and brain-gut interaction.

We are applying this to innovative products and ingredients in disease areas such as:

  • Gastrointestinal Health: PB continues to build and support its position in gut health and further advance our science in IBS and related conditions.

  • Stress & Sleep: with recent advances and interest in the gut-brain axis, supported by our discovery of the 1714-Serenitas® strain, PB is focused on the development of further evidenced based probiotics for the management of stress, stress-related fatigue, cognition and learning.

  • Metabolic health: PB is investigating applications of bacterial strains in metabolic conditions and liver health, including fatty liver disease.

We are also developing unique products targeting key life stages, including

  • Pregnancy & early Life: building on new research about the importance of appropriate microbiome seeding of new born babies and the impact on later life, we are studying interventions with well characterised strains for mum and baby to set a child's future health on the right path.

  • Healthy Aging: knowledge is growing on the role of inflammation in aging and of the gut-brain axis on cognition. PB is researching the impact that selected strains have on these key processes.

Our Science

Our expertise in discovery and development comes from more than 20 years of leading edge research

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recognised innovation

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Market Leading Products

Via our distribution partners, we sell a range of consumer products based on our unique strains. This includes:

  • Alflorex, with 35624®, a B longum culture, also sold as Align in certain countries by our partner P&G. It is now the No 1 recommended strain by US Gastroenterologsts and Doctors* for IBS.

  • Zenflore, with 1714®, a B longum culture, clinically shown to impact levels of the stress hormone, cortisol and to activate coping centres in the brain.

For more information on the PrecisionBiotics® range of products, see www.precisionbiotics.com

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*Among gastroenterologists who recommended a brand of probiotic in AlphaImpactRx 2008–2017 surveys. Among doctors who recommended a brand of probiotic in AlphaImpactRx 2017 survey.

**1. Bifidobacterium longum 1714 as a translational psychobiotic: modulation of stress, electrophysiology and neurocognitive in healthy volunteers. Allen et al., Transl Psychiatry, 2016.

**2. Wang et al. (2019). Bifidobacterium longum 1714™Strain Modulates Brain Activity of Healthy Volunteers During Social Stress. American Journal of Gastroenterology 00:1–11. https://doi.org/10.14309/ajg.0000000000000203