Our partners include many of the world's leading microbiome research centres and global businesses.

Research Partners

Our research partners include many of the world's leading centres of microbiome expertise. We have collaborated with more than 20 leading research institutions and clinics globally. Many of our partners have conducted ground breaking research using our strains, including demonstration of the ability of a probiotic to manage IBS symptoms, proven with our 35624® strain and demonstrating the impact of a probiotic on the brain’s coping centres with our 1714-Serenitas® strain.

With our research partners, we undertake both pre-clinical research (laboratory based research) and clinical research to provide rigorous clinical validation of our strains efficacy, safety and stability. 

There are currently over 100 publications, many peer reviewed, featuring strains from our portfolio.

Our network of partners includes:

Business partners

We have partnered with many of the world's leading businesses in the development and delivery of innovative projects which focus on production of rigorous, scientifically documented active ingredients and/or final product concepts. 

Our current and future partnerships cover a wide range of applications for probiotic cultures including:

  • food supplements including Food Supplements as a Medicinal Product (FSMP)

  • ingredients (functional foods and infant formula)

  • medical devices

  • pharmabiotic applications

In addition to providing access to a leading portfolio of patented, clinically proven strains, we also provide world leading expertise in formulation, processing and clinical trials. We provide:

  • Access to safe, reliable strains and innovative product concepts

  • Proven approaches for choosing precision strains for targeted indications

  • Rigorous scientific selection methodologies

  • Experience in all stages of the development process

  • A significant IP portfolio and experience in protection of bacteria based technologies

  • Experience in supply chain management for product development including storage, packaging, stability and other ingredients

We have partnered on all stages of an innovation program, from joint research in the early discovery phases to in-licensing of fully developed products. 



Our distribution partners are recognised for their expertise in the healthcare industry and support for Healthcare professionals and consumers. 

We offer our distribution partners a full range of support, including:

  • Field Force training

  • Speakers for Symposia

  • Customer Careline

  • Marketing & PR

  • Clinical trials & Research collaborations



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